Character animations

Illustrative 3D cartoon scenes with animations and characters, created in WebXR.

Character design

Inspired as always by my boys and their imagination, I wanted to recreate them as characters that I could animate and make interactive over time.

The character models are ultra low poly for performance, so I can get them into scenes that involve some complexity. The materials and lighting were configured to give the characters a flat shaded cartoon appearance.

Devon & Bodhi
Devon & Bodhi

VR landscapes

I combined a bunch of animated elements to bring the background scene to life, and really show the 3D nature of the scene. The sky is filled with clouds, planes, hot air balloons and even a UFO following an erratic course. A windmill spins by a rippling lake filled with fish and boats. All set at sunrise among countryside hills that are reflected by the lake below.

I went on to create variations in alternative colour schemes with different landscapes.

I plan to make these scenes into an interactive game for my boys, with actions for touch screen and VR controllers that trigger animations and sounds from the characters and scene. Also want to include some ambient sounds and a bit more immersion. Stay tuned for updates.

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