Carl Spencer


AllSeated VR

  • Project: Oculus Go App, Web App
  • Role: Art Direction, UI, 3D, VR
  • Agency: Brilliant
  • Date: 2018 - 2019

The event planning platform that uses virtual reality to visualise events before they happen.

I began working with Brilliant in 2018 on the designs for a new VR product built in Unity, aiming to bring to life the grandest hotels for event planning like never seen before.

As part of the project I was tasked with the design and 3D modelling of a grand lobby environment, where users could select a hotel from the floating interface in front of them. To welcome users to the space they’re greeted with a sunrise and birdsong. As the silhouette of a forest scape outside gets brighter the hall illuminates with shafts of light from the rising sun.

The UI is controlled using the Oculus Go pointer, and was intentionally kept large and simple for the target audience.

AllSeated started rolling out their VR products in 2019.

VR Lobby Prototype

Virtual Lobby

3D User Interface