The nonprofit fundraising platform, connecting givers to a huge range of charities.

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Preparing for launch

Early in 2020 I proudly joined the lovely team at Every.org and began working on my dream project. A fundraising platform allowing givers to donate to a huge range of charities, with 100% of the donation reaching the non-profits. Every.org helps non-profits spend less time raising money and more time focusing on their causes.

With a working app, some gorgeous branding explorations and some amazing supporters, we had just over a month to give the UI an overhaul and launch to the world.

Every.org | Homepage
Every.org | Fundraisers

Nonprofit cards

The nonprofit cards are a starting point for donations, appearing in the homefeed and search results. They contain a variety of information and interactions while highlighting its cause.

Every.org | Cards
Nonprofit cards
Every.org | Search
Search results
Every.org | Nonprofit

Live events

We began implementing live fundraisers, with a darker interface and wider fluid layout.

Every.org | Live Fundraisers
Live fundraisers
Every.org x TED 2023
Every.org x TED 2023

Design system

The design system is handled through Figma, where components are shared across all new designs.

Every.org | Design System
Design system
Every.org | Emails
Email templates


Several marketing pages were then created in WebFlow for donors, nonprofits, developers and anyone curious about what we do.

Every.org | About
About us
Every.org | Crypto
Crypto donations

Social media

Social media templates were created for every occasion, from highlighting fundraisers to donation statistics.

Every.org | Social Media
Social media

Refining the UI

We began implementing more refined designs over time, as we explored other avenues like funds, achievements and the admin dashboard.

Every.org | Fund
Every.org | Search (Minimal)
Search (minimal)
Every.org | Donation
Every.org | Achievements
Every.org | Admin
Admin dashboard

The team here are amazing, so excited to share more updates as we grow. Check out the site and go donate!