Sci-fi city

Take your spaceship through an infinite animated sci-fi city scene, created in WebXR.

Spaceship design

For the focal point of the scene I aimed to create a futuristic plane that could also be used for scenes in space. Inspired by modern fighter jets and artwork for films like the original Star Wars, I wanted it to look fast and streamlined. I added orbit controls to allow users to spin the scenery around the craft, plus subtle axis movements and animations like an exhaust flame to help bring it to life.

WebXR Sci-fi Spaceship
Spaceship design

Infinite city scene

Inspired by concept art from the 70’s and movies like Blade Runner, I aimed to create a low poly city scene that evoked an alien world or Earth far in the future. It was constructed from simple building shapes and highways packed into a 400m² space, animated into a seamless loop of repeating scenes.

Sci-fi city scene


I used fog, set at an equal distance to the scene edge, to hide the looping environment. Particles in the air help sell the illusion of movement, while a light source helps show the contours of the spaceship. Lights were then animated along the highway to give a sense of a bustling city.

Hoping to add some more interesting elements in the sky soon, check back for updates.

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