Concept car

A personal concept car design, constructed in WebXR with orbit controls and scene animations.

Car design

Since the youngest age I’ve admired concept cars, almost taking the route to study car design at university. As a side project to learn 3D modelling, I thought I’d try and model the car of my dreams — sporty, modern and able to fit my kids and dog in the back.

Animation and interactivity

To help bring it to life on the web I added rotation to the wheels. I then added scrolling scene elements to give the illusion of movement through a 3D space, including streetlights, signs, trees and a textured road surface. Lighting and fog was then added to give it a sense of realism. I finally added controls to slowly orbit the scene and allow users to spin the camera around.

Loads more I’d love to add to this, so be sure to check back for updates.

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