T-Rex paddock

Recreating the T-Rex paddock scene from Jurassic Park in virtual reality, using WebXR to bring it to life.

VR T-Rex

I always wondered how a T-Rex would look in virtual reality, roaring right at you, like you’re in that infamous scene outside the paddock in Jurassic Park. I started off by 3D modelling some assets that I could use to build the scene for an epic Tyrannosaurus encounter.

T-Rex 3D modelling
Breakout scene

The poly count was kept low to allow for a jungle of foliage, I used this flora to frame the camera view as it pans through the scene. I then created and rigged a low poly character holding a flare, trying to catch the dinosaur’s attention, with the animations set as simple seamless loops. Finally I added fog, rain, film grain, lighting and shadows to really add a sense of atmosphere.

Dinosaur meat
Dinosaur meat

I’m currently expanding this into a full VR experience, with sounds and navigation controls, allowing you to navigate around the 3D scene like you’re in the movie. Check again soon for more.

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