X Rally

A rally game for mobile with realistic physics, for an authentic drifting experience, built in Unity.

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Exploring Unity and Blender

As a fun side project to better understand the production of games and XR products I’ve been exploring interactive 3D scenes and asset creation. I began piecing together a rally game based on my own 90’s childhood favourites, using mostly Blender, WebVR and Unity.


I started by creating a virtual replica of my part of the English countryside, a lovely bit of the world to drive around. I wanted it to be immersive and capture as much beautiful countryside as possible, at console-quality, whilst running smooth at 60 fps with post production effects. Trees and grass blow in the wind, fog rolls across the hills and birds tweet by the lake.

Malvern Hills stage

Rally cars

Once the environment was baked and ready, I began designing and implementing vehicles. The aim of the game in development for me was to create realistic handling of rally cars on dirt and other surfaces, while maintaining a fun playability.

Low-poly rally car model
Rally car physics testing

Tuning for mobile

Players can either use an on-screen UI or use the accelerometer to steer, with changeable views like the hood camera. Sounds were then implemented to give the car a tuned engine and throaty exhaust. The wheels kick up stones and dust particles as they skid along the surface leaving tracks, while the exhaust backfires and blows out smoke.

iPhone gameplay

Currently in development, stay tuned for more updates.

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