A selection of professional 3D work and side projects, looking at integration of 3D on the web, mobile and virtual reality devices.

VR templates

A-Frame templates for your VR scene — with teleportation, controllers, physics, animation and sound.

VR Templates

Concept car

A personal concept car design, constructed in WebXR with orbit controls and scene animations.

WebXR Concept Car

Cretaceous Park VR

Recreating the T-Rex paddock scene from Jurassic Park in virtual reality, using WebXR to bring it to life.

Jurassic Park VR

Character animations

Illustrative 3D cartoon scenes with animations and characters, created in WebXR.

WebXR 3D Animation

Sci-fi city

Take your spaceship through an infinite animated sci-fi city scene, created in WebXR.

WebXR Sci-fi City

X Rally

A rally game for mobile with realistic physics, for an authentic drifting experience, built in Unity.

AllSeated VR

UI design and 3D modelling for the virtual reality event planning platform.



The business forecasting platform, using AI to provide useful insights via notifications.